• What conflict am I facing in my life?

Wheel of Fortune: A lot of external factors that are beyond my control have too much influence on my life. “Bad luck”, if there is such a thing, has certainly struck me down in life and really my entire LIFE right now is just trying to get back on that wheel… 

  • What solution can I find?

8 of Pentacles: “The hardest working Pentacle.” Stay busy, look for opportunities to work towards getting myself into a better set of circumstances, even if the work doesn’t pay much. Even volunteer work right now would help me to get out of my head (emotionally), and would open up a world of other possibilities. I need to just get out there and start really pushing for change, and most of all be willing to put in the work it will take.

  • What will be the resolution of making this change?

9 of cups: The Wish Card. Abundance, success, inner AND outer happiness. The feeling of satisfaction that comes from reaping the rewards of physical work. Good things flowing from other good things. 


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