#spreadaday Day 3


What do I need to focus on?
King of Swords

The King of Swords IS the master of clear and concise focus!

This could not be more fitting right now. I am literally 9 days away from my day in court. I am getting overwhelmed, flustered and scared about working out some very important details, making some calls, sending out last minute records requests, etc. My brain is the “king” of confusing me right at the moments in which I need to be the most present… I am aware that I am not in clear focus right now.

What is stopping me from focusing?
5 of Swords

The “failure mentality”. Fearing pain. Creating all kinds of new doubts and concerns. Hostility that is tainting the clarity of my focus… paralyzing MEMORIES of pain and fear. *goosebumps* Yeah, I am terrified of going back into a courtroom. I am terrified of being denied and having another door shoved in my face; told to pull myself up by the bootstraps while I’m bleeding and dying here after what they did to me. See the hostility threading itself through even these words? Yeah.

How can I focus more?

9 of Pentacles

SELF-reliance. Focus on the SELF part. I have been spending less time alone lately than ever— a good thing indeed, but not good when it interferes with the thing I need to focus on right now.

The 9 of Pentacles sometimes (depending on how you read the cards) points to a mature, self-reliant and successful woman. The nature of my situation right now requires such a woman. SELF-reliant.


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