#spreadaday Day 4


What is my subconscious telling me?
Wheel of Fortune

The Wheel was one of the first of the Majors I got really stumped with when I started studying tarot. It makes sense logically— luck, “destiny” (one of my least favorite words), karma, events controlled by external forces. The constant flux of life, ebb and flow, ups and downs. I understand that when this card is drawn and the querent is going through a tough time of life. It can suggest that a new phase is upon you. If the querent is “on top” of the wheel, it can be read as a warning that your good luck may soon change. In which case it reminds us to be aware of the cycles that make up life. 

Where am I in denial?

3 of Wands

I am in denial about just where the “point of no return” is. 

I am turning a blind eye to many of the necessary preparations for the journey that is to come. I’ve slacked off in a lot of paperwork, in fact, and have justified my own shortcomings by this sense of denial of the third of Wands variety…

What do I need to learn about my inner self?

Page of Wands

The first thing that came to mind was that I can be more outgoing and social than I currently am being. The Page of Wands is special to me because she’s Aquarian, is considered a “Tomboy” of the deck and really embodies a lot of those Fire sign traits that I wish I could possess. If I think about it harder, though, what really is stopping me from allowing ALL of the facets of my personality shine through? The Page of Wands is in the phase of “thinking about doing something”— which is the most fertile stage of planning, in my opinion. The Page of Wands is kind of like a happy little good luck charm. I deny a lot of Wands characteristics in myself, polarizing them as “opposite” of me. I think the message here is just to question myself when I do this, and to acknowledge that within me that is there but just isn’t fully mature or confident to come out yet…


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