Day 8

What do I complain about too much?

How can I complain less?

How can I learn to look at things more positively?

1. 9 of Cups

Traditionally seen in a positive light, as with all cards there is a shadow side to this one. The 9 of Cups is all about WISHES and often implies wishes coming true. Having all one wants, fulfilled emotionally. I try not to complain out loud to others— though I’m sure I dramatically fail— but I know that I do constantly complain to myself in my inner dialogue. What is it that my inner dialogue is constantly bitching about? I want _____. If only I could have _____. 

2. The Moon

Here’s what I’m picking up from this card in this position: in the Moon card, we often see a picture of a moon shining light onto a murky looking  pond with creepy-crawlies (crabs) crawling out of it. There are several important symbols in this card to take into consideration when doing a reading— and I think the most applicable one to me is that murky water being illuminated. 

The murky water represents the emotional/mental state of the querent and points to the confusion and lack of clarity found within. I think this is a strong message to clean up that murk and mess rather than to ignore it and keep it hidden in the dark. 

3. The Hanged Man

Initially, WTF? How is this supposed to help me with positivity? 

Looking at it more closely though, the message becomes clear to me. The VICTIM MENTALITY has got to go. In fact, letting go of my futile attempts to control things that just aren’t in my power to control is suggested. There is a need for a new perspective on the world. I’ve been hanging upside down, and the fear of re-victimization has totally distorted my perception of the world. I KNOW that I need a better, more positive outlook on life. 

Right on, good spread. 🙂

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