Day 15 of #spreadaday

Day 15 of #spreadaday

1. What advice would I give myself 3 years ago?
The Tower

*Shudders* Damn. Three years ago. Yes.
Three years ago, I had a choice that I wasn’t aware of. It was a choice that would appear very suddenly and so fast…
I would WARN myself to be alert. Be cautious. Don’t try to shake things up when you’re not a health place mentally— your entire Tower will FALL down. It will destroy you.

2. … 3 months ago?
Queen of Cups
I’ve been getting the Queen of Cups along with the Tower in my readings a lot lately.
As advice, the Queen of Cups has a plethora of potential applications. She relates to me personally as I feel the strongest connection with her over any of the other court cards.
Three months ago would have been July.
I would advise myself to realize and accept the fact that I have an inherent NEED to nurture and help people. When I am not nurturing, I become so depressed. I would like to talk to myself about this problem. I would also talk to myself about the importance of developing some empathic boundaries so that I don’t get sucked into other people’s pain so easily.

3. .. 3 days ago?
8 of Pentacles, Reversed
The way I read reversals is basically this: each card represents a spectrum concept. In the 8 of Pentacles, I consider this the spectrum between boredom/disinterest——-obsession. When the card is reversed, there’s something in the spectrum that isn’t right. Three days ago I was very concerned with tasks and was doing a lot of unnecessary little tasks for someone else just to keep them smiling (Queen of Cups much?). I felt a lot of frustration knowing deep down that I was neglecting my own tasks.
The advice I would give myself is to STOP trying to please others with the little bit of energy I do have. Prioritize, woman! You have much more important things to do, even if they’re not the most pleasant of things.


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