Day 17


Day 17

1. How can I bring more passion into my life?

Knight of Cups

The Knights of the Tarot Deck are sometimes the most problematic for me to read. Rarely do I see the court cards showing up as actual people in my own readings, and the Knights as people tend to be the type of folks I veer away from (preferring the knowledge and master of the Kings, the openness and sharing nature of the Queens and the inquisitive innocence of the Pages). I’ve started to see Knights as the beginning of a JOURNEY, each specific to their element. The Knight of Cups would indicate a beginning of a journey in the realm of emotions: emotional healing, romantic endeavors, a trip inside the imagination. 

Another way I look at the court cards in general is by assessing their general temperament and determining how each character would perceive the world around then. The Knight of Cups sees the world through rose-colored glasses, not yet jaded or carrying the burden of a negative world-view. 

2. What do I need more of?

Knight of Wands

I’m really enjoying the way that this spread seems to be pointing me right into my partner’s arms. The Knight of Wands is the character that I believe depicts his younger side. I often see this card AS my boyfriend, but other possibilities include:

– a swift change of pace

– filling my life with more activity and less self-reflection time

– spontaneity, adventurousness

–  travel

All of these things could very conceivable be what I need to re-ignite my passion. Hooray for the Wands! 

3. What do I need less of?


This one was a toughie, but I figured out how it applies to me. In this position, one would think needing LESS balance, grounding and truth would be just silly. 

But see, I have this issue. I refer to it a lot here, because it’s been pretty much the central point in my life for the last 2 1/2 years. It was a legal issue; a freak occurrance that landed me wrongfully behind bars. It took fourteen months for the truth to finally come out and for the case to be dismisses. It was definitely the biggest “Tower” event of my life. Burned everything to the ground and has given me no CHOICE but to start a new life completely. 

Since I never GOT Justice for being wrongfully imprisoned and erroneously involved in this case, I think about the concept of Justice every minute of every day. It’s always floating around in the back of my mind somewhere. 

The PTSD that developed in me from this series of events threatens to finish off the job that THEY started in completely squashing my motivation to go on living. This is a daily battle as well.

Although there is a time and place for these thoughts, it certainly can’t be every moment of every day. 

I see two choices here: one would be to work on shifting my focus away from this endless, fruitless quest for Justice and to follow the Knight of Wands out of this muck. The other would be to be LIKE the Knight of Wands towards my issue and use his fiery passion to speak up for myself loud and clear. 

This I will have to contemplate more.


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