Anonymous Two Card Reading

Anonymous Two Card Reading

The first card I drew relates to your recent application to uni.

The 6 of Swords

This card falls in the element of Air. The Swords describe intellectual and mental pursuits— and many of them bear warnings of painful llessonsahead. This card, however, speaks of moving OUT of a negative situation into a better one. It is about leaving, moving on, and sometimes saying goodbye. Sometimes it indicates feeling down over these goodbyes; but this is a temporary state and will be replaced by better circumstances. The 6 of Swords advises you to be flexible, loosen your grip on current situations you may have to leave behind, and stay balanced!

Some quick stats on the 6 of Swords:

  • Yes or No: Yes
  • Astrological associations: Aquarius in Mercury*
  • Numerology: 6 indicates balance

*Interesting side note: Mercury is associated with schooling, as well as moving short distances. The Aquarian aspect is associated with peace-making, humanitarian interests. Are you possibly planning on going to university to attain a career in anything like counseling, writing and communications or some other people-helping kind of job?*

The next card I drew for you is representing how love will approach you.

The 4 of Swords


Two Swords! Interesting. The Four of Swords is a card I often read as a warning card to tell querents that whatever they’re doing, they need to slow down and pay attention to their health— physical and mental. This card speaks of the necessity of rest and relaxation. It advises you to take a step back and regain your composure, particularly in those health areas I mentioned. In a specifically romantic context, the Four of Swords is often interpreted as a message that you have been hurt and broken in a relationship and that you NEED to take a time out and heal before embarking on any new romantic conquests. This can even be referring to escaping from an abusive relationship… hopefully that isn’t the case for you, but if so, the message of resting and healing comes even clearer.

Some stats about the 4 of Swords:

  • Yes or No: A big, fat maybe. 
  • Astrological Associations: Jupiter in Libra
  • Numerology: 4’s symbolize grounding, inward focus, stability, community and structure.

Anthropologist Angeles Arrien wrote a book called the “Four-Fold Way” about dealing with things like addictions and other tough parts of our lives. According to his Four-Fold Way, one must 1. Show Up, 2. Pay Attention, 3. Tell the truth, and 4. Don’t be attached to the outcome. I’d suggest looking into this a little more for some additional guidance:

To finish up, I’d say this card is telling you that you need to rest and heal right now. Love will come to you once you have done this. Until then, however, anything that comes along will be subpar compared to the love that waits on the OTHER side of healing.

Thank you for using my services and I sincerely hope that you found this reading helpful!


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