Day #23

1. How much control do I have over my life?

4 of Swords

… not very much. This card is a pretty heavy warning that I need to take care of my physical and mental health (primarily through proper sleep and nourishment) if I am to succeed in ANYTHING.

2. How can I be more confident and strong over my own life?

2 of Pentacles

Recognize the element of choice that is present even when it doesn’t FEEL like I have a choice. Working on perfecting the art of balancing my inner and outer worlds.

3. What obstacles must I overcome to be the person I was meant to be?

7 of Cups

Oooh. This card is a little personal for me. Uhrm… to me, the 7 of Cups is my reminder to not get carried away into fantasy worlds too much, because it’s easy for me to slip into a semi-delusional way of seeing the world. This card reminds me of hallucinations, seeing things/options/choices/energies/forces that aren’t actually there, and just having trouble staying objective and grounded. This IS a daily battle for me (mental health related) and it definitely resonates in this position.


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