How can I listen to my intuition more?

The Sun


adjust my perspective on intuition: instead of equating it with something shadowy and unclear, embrace it as something radiant and vital to life

What doubts do I have?

3 of Pentacles


(image = Light and Shadow Tarot)

bringing together reality and the “other” realms and making them work as a team

What is my intuition trying to tell me?


Ace of Cups

there is an offer extended to me which would bring me great emotional fulfillment if I were to take it.

*This one has me thinking.

Some swirls of activity with a very mysterious air— but definitely one of change— seem to be breezing around my life right now. The change my intuition keeps subtly suggesting to me is freaking huge, seems impossible to manifest and is not guaranteed to be entirely safe. I won’t act on that one yet… we’ll see how the situation unfolds*


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