Day 6

Day 6

In what ways can I better understand my spiritual path?



The card pictured above is from a deck called “Tell Me Tarot”. ( I picked this image of the Justice card because, well, it basically says the answer to the question. SOUL SEARCHING. Balance is key. Facing any hard truths I may not want to look at in my quest to live a fully transparent life is essential to understanding my spiritual path.

What direction should I proceed in going?

3 of Wands


Interesting how the question is related to MOVEMENT. The 3 of Wands talks a lot about movement— literal travel as well as spiritual movement. This card is telling me that now is the time to make my next move, and assures me that I will succeed, but it also reminds me of the importance of teamwork and community. It reminds me to stay humble, and not burn my bridges as I may need to ask for help along the way.

What must I do for my spirituality to take form?

5 of Wands


This card indicates that I will face a battle and will have to stand my ground. It advises me to remain grounded but flexible to change, sort of like a wrestler getting ready for a match. It warns against unclear focus and suggests brainstorming for solutions that perhaps everyone else is missing because they’re so busy fighting. This reminds me of something I heard an introvert say once about her job amongst a team of extroverts. She realized that during department meetings, while everyone else wasting time doing brainstorming activities and engaging in “groupthink”, she had already thought of solutions that seemed to take extroverts FOREVER to recognize. 


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