What do I need to be aware of this morning?


I need to remember that outward, material success does not equal inner happiness or tranquility. This is very relevant right now.

…This afternoon?


Beware of energy vampires!

Afternoon is usually the time when I get sucked into distractions. For the last few weeks it seems like every single day in the afternoon, something involving another person and their problems and/or expectations of me interrupts whatever work I was doing. 

I need to guard against over extending myself, because it is starting to really take a toll on me emotionally. I’m having more emotional outbursts and dysregulations because I’m allowing things to call me away from whatever I’m trying to apply my full energy and focus to. 

…This evening?


This one ended up being extremely relevant and I wish I had taken the advice of the Page of Cups— be sweet, dammit! My afternoon getting sucked in to other people’s lives left me feeling bitter and irritable… thus leading to a fight with the boyfriend… ugh…


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