The situation I’m going to be reading for is of a rather complex and very personal matter, so— anonymous, you know who ya are! 🙂

I am reading for a Cancer querent who is confused and concerned about their Aquarian partner. 

We’ll be using the spread I made yesterday to deal with confusion in relationships where communication just isn’t happening.

In the first position, we ask “What is the nature of their problem?”

And of course, the Knight of Wands! Rods! Staffs! Or whatever phallic symbol you want to substitute. I say “of course” sarcastically because you know what? I am in a relationship with someone who most closely resembles the King of Wands. Astrologically speaking, the King of Wands correlates closely with the Fire signs (Aries, Leo, Sag) and is basically FIRE embodied. Since the person in question is an Air sign, however, I’m not inclined to assume that the King of Wands is simply representing them as a person. 

Let’s look at the nature of the King of Wands… things they might do in the situation you’ve described.

The King of Wands is, in my opinion, a semi-reformed bad boy. They are inclined to take risks, financial ones especially (gambling is a thing with this King). He is also VERY fast-paced and the worst thing you can do to a King of Wands person is to bore them.

In short term relationships, the King of Wands often doesn’t do very well. It’s not that he doesn’t LOVE— in fact, he will usually be the one to fall head over heels in the beginning. Unfortunately, his perpetual boredom often interferes with relationships and as soon as his interest begins to fade, it’s already gone. 

I’m reading this as a non-malicious act. It is coming across as more of an issue of him having issues staying tied down. While it doesn’t mean cheating (believe me, the King of Wands is loyal as hell), it might mean that he has his sights set on something he’s very passionate about and just doesn’t see you as being able (or willing) to keep up with whatever it is he’s planning to do.

Let’s just work clockwise: what can you do that will definitely NOT help the situation? The Strength card… ah, I’ve pulled this one for you before if memory serves me well.

How could the Strength card possibly mean something negative? 

Perhaps it doesn’t. Think about the question, and about the King of Wands’ temperment I just described. Strength is all about inner strength and feminine energy. Instead of ruling by force, Strength tames that firey, raging lion gently and soothingly. 

It sounds like he might be wanting anything BUT this slow, cautious, almost motherly approach. He may have his sights set on something, like I said, and is willing to jump over anyone who gets in his way. He doesn’t want to stop to be comforted and loved right now.

Skipping over to the card on the left— what you CAN do to help. Notice anything interesting? I do. First of all, the Knight of Cups is FACING the King of Wands. This is a potentially good sign. Secondly, we’re dealing with a Cup card— Water signs. Cancer. Emotions.

The KNIGHTS are said to be represented by the element of Air, so what we have here is basically a whirlpool. Air of water.

The Knight of Cups is the most feminine of the Knights. He/she is a mediator, a lover, a helper, attractive and charming, romantic. The Knight of Cups’ dilemma is discerning motives (!), which certainly seems to fit your position as the Querent.

The advice the Knight of Cups gives you is: be romantic, be sweet, give the benefit of the doubt, be the peacekeeper. Wisdom may come to you in your dreams— so make sure you’re resting well and paying attention.

Another slice of advice from Mr. Nice here is… be open to following passions. Just try your best to stay grounded. This card hints at travel, particularly overseas. Is there something having to do with a trip that might have been involved in this whole mess?

It’s interesting that the “don’t do” advice is the Strength card, and the “DO do” is the Knight of Cups. They are similar in their actions, only the Knight is faster-paced and has a bit more masculine energy behind him. This suggests to me that it isn’t WHAT you’re doing or not doing— but HOW. Consider taking a slightly different approach. Don’t be afraid to show your emotions about the whole thing either. Whereas Strength is totally focused on calming down that lion, the Knight of Cups knows when to pull back to avoid getting his hand bit off. See what I’m saying? You have to take care of yourself and your emotional state too.

The final card is NOT an outcome card. I don’t really like using one set outcome card in relationship issue readings because it makes it all seem so set in stone, and in truth, nothing really is. Especially not in the tarot! So instead, we ask the cards what the lesson is that YOU are to learn from all this.

Three of Swords, Reversed.

When upright, we know the 3 of Swords is the quintessential heartbreak card. But when reversed, it is a much more hopeful and positive message. It points to healing and recovery after a perhaps long period of misery. It points to a time when the silver lining is finally peeking out and you can see the sun again. It speaks of optimism, more peace-making, and… dun dun dun… FORGIVENESS.

I’m sorry to hear that you’re going through this. I hope you found this reading helpful. It makes sense to me, but I don’t actually know the situation or those involved, so I realize I could be interpreting this wrong. Let me know your thoughts/impressions, if there’s anything you’re seeing in the cards that I didn’t see. If you want a deeper understanding, trust me— Google and ye shall receive. There are a TON of amazing Tarot blogs out here in internet land with unique and interesting takes on the cards and their meanings.

Anyway, best of luck to you. Namaste and be well!


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