Simple Problem Solving Spread

1. The Problem as it seems to be
2. The Problem as it truly is.
3. Possible Solution #1
4. Possible Solution #2
5. Immediate Outcome – #1
6. Immediate Outcome – #2
7. End Result – #1
8. End Result – #2

Tips for using this spread:

– If you have more than two possible choices of action (most times you really have infinite options, but I digress) then either focus on just two at a time, or ask the cards to show you the best possible solutions.

-The spread can be expanded, but I would be wary of anything past three options.

Do Nothing At All is a valid course of action for solving a problem. Sometimes it even works!

– The cards might suggest a solution you hadn’t considered/asked about, so remember to fully contemplate your reading.

– – –

(This is a spread that I designed myself. If another spread exists like it, I wasn’t aware of it.)


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