post break-up spread for anon

Anonymous asks after a breakup:

” I would like to see how he truly feels about this and what comes out for me too. i need a bit more clarity as I’m finding it hard to accept whats happened.”

Sorry to hear about your loss. I’m going to draw a general card for the issue as a whole first…

6 of Pentacles, Rx

The Six of Pentacles, when reversed, signifies a block or a problem with the concept of give-and-take and equality on a relationship. This can deal with money— one person is pulling the weight of both— or on a larger scale issue of control/controlled. Power games, getting one-up on one another, and a general distortion of generosity and gratitude.

Now, a card to represent his attitudes or feelings on the issue—
Queen of Swords, Rx

Being the suit of Swords, I’m going to say he’s walking away from this with more thoughts and attitudes than feelings. Generally when this card shows up in a relationship reading reversed like this, we’d say he simply doesn’t want a relationship. It’s clouding his thinking. He thinks he’d be better off solo right now.

And another card concerning what you need to do to find peace and acceptance:
Queen of Wands

When we look to the Queen of Wands (Fire) for advice, she insists that we stay true to ourselves and our creative passions.

Reconnect right now with your own creative force. If you are an artist, take refuge in whatever your art may be. Create something that makes you feel awesome about yourself!

And a general outcome card for you in healing from this painful experience:
The Hanged Man, Rx

Eventually you will be yourself freed of constraints you may not have even realized were there holding you back…


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