So I have this friend who I found has been talking about me behind my back and dragging my name through the mud. I think she’s only telling the guy I like because she likes him too but I wouldn’t be surprised if she told other people too. Can you help me see what I should do whether or not to confront her?

Hmm, sounds like a good old fashioned case of shit-talking going on here. Let’s shuffle these cards and ask for insight about if you DO confront her:


Four of Swords, Reversed

This card is a warning against letting your emotion-fueled ideas take center stage and not centering yourself properly before doing so. It advises you to rest on it, form a solid argument, and approach it from a calmer place.

And how about if you don’t?

Queen of Pentacles

Again, a reference to being calm and centered. Use a practical approach. Perhaps not confronting her at this time would be best advised— it seems that there is more left to unfold before you take any hasty actions! The Queen of Pentacles is slow and practical but she gets the job done in a surprisingly efficient way.
Let some time pass, work on YOU a little, think long and hard about what you’d like to say to her. Make sure you have all of the facts— the cards are suggesting that you don’t have complete information.
Hope this helps 🙂

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