Anonymous Asks…

May I have a reading about a friend? He has pulled away a few times to later seem interested. We hung out and made plans to see eachother. The day came around nothing. He apologised a day later, things got a bit crazy. Not sure what to think or say

1. The Essence of the Situation : 8 of Cups

This card is telling us that the situation is rooted in the realm of emotions. It’s causes are emotional, as are its effects. The 8 of Cups is all about emotionally moving on from things that are draining on emotional resources. It often appears when a situation has gone too far and someone has had enough. It can also indicate someone who is becoming more serious about something— thus leaving behind their cups. Perhaps he has matured and doesn’t feel comfortable with the way your relationship has become. Perhaps he is going through something you aren’t aware of that is calling him away from you.

2. His thoughts/feelings/attitudes about it: Knight of Pentacles

The Knight of Pentacles isn’t the silliest, most fun-loving of the bunch. However, they are very hardworking and dilligent. The Knight phase indicates someone who is learning a trade or going to school (or maybe just got out of school and is trying to enter the workforce). This card says that his attitudes toward you are realistic (maybe leaning toward the pessimistic side), stoic, serious, yet loyal at heart. This Knight has trouble understanding emotionally complex people and may grow weary of them at times. Everything in this Knight’s life is done slowly and meticulously. An interesting note on the Knight of Pentacles: he/she may attract “damsels in distress”. 

3. Your thoughts/feelings/attitudes about it: Justice, Reversed

This is the only MAJOR that appears in this spread, which (in my interpretation) implicates it as the biggest factor in the reading.

When Justice is reversed, we could be looking at guilt. Denial. Imbalance. Distortion somewhere on the spectrum of realism and idealism. Perhaps you aren’t seeing things very clearly. 

This could also point to feeling inadequate or stifled (unable to speak your truth). 

4. Advice to you: Nine of Pentacles

The figure in many Rider-Waite clone decks is a woman, surveying the beauty of her garden, alone. 

This card tells you to work on that which is within. Find a way to balance inner and outer worlds into a state of peace. Work on your own self-development and you will manifest your goals! 


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