Today, my focus card is the 3 of Cups.

The Law of Attraction Card

This card is all about making things happen. If you know anything at all about the Law of Attraction, you know the concept of “thoughts become things”. Thus, our thoughts must be on those things we want to manifest. The three women in this card are often depicted dancing around joyfully, celebrating… but what? Perhaps they are celebrating what they know is coming to them?

The Importance of Support Networks

Support networks, ah. Buzzword big time for me, as I’m working through my c-ptsd in therapy. Psychology is made up of SO many different theories about mental health problems, but most would agree on one thing: support networks are absolutely crucial. This is a Cups card, so we know that it is dealing with the realm of emotions. 

Celebrating Mutual Success

There’s no room here for pettiness or cattiness. I’ll be honest- I’ve always had a harder time befriending females than males. As I think about it, I have to admit a truth— I do sometimes prejudge groups (gaggles?) of women as being inevitably catty (and maybe just a lot of empty noise? ahem) and thus I exclude myself from them. This mindset = NOT one that serves me at all, especially at this time in my life. Instead of a “me against the world” mentality, I should focus on..

expanding my worldview from being individualistic to being more of a communal consciousness.

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