“Stalker” Tarot Card Guidance Spread – Tarot Unlimited

I’m going to do this later with the 8 of Cups I think. 

It would be cool to somehow modify it a little though— I don’t know if I’m the only one who has a handful of stalker cards, but I keep record of what cards I draw each and every day and can definitely identify a few others. 

Would also be interesting to create a similar spread for intermediate readers and those who are actively trying to learn to read the cards— the No-Show cards. Does anyone else have certain cards that they NEVER seem to pull in self readings? Hrm…

“Stalker” Tarot Card Guidance Spread – Tarot Unlimited


One comment

  1. Jean Bakula · September 28, 2015

    Hello there,
    That happens to me too. I get certain cards on a fairly regular basis, so I know there are issues I must continue to explore. Then there are certain cards I almost never get. It usually covers a period of time that lasts a few months.

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