Card of The Day: The Devil (XV)

Card of The Day: The Devil (XV)

Keywords and Concepts:
Enslavement, deception, negativity, addiction, bondage, error, anger, violence, abuse

Astrological Associations:
Capricorn, ruled by Saturn

Elemental Associations:

Message: The image of the Devil (Baphomet) scares people. Why? Religious notions being passed down through generations, sort of like that telephone game many of us played as kids, being embellished a little more with each new generation? I don’t know— why we are afraid of “the Devil” and “666” and “Satanic forces” is all a matter of opinion I suppose. To understand this card, however, we have to break free of whatever prejudices we may have about the concept of “the Devil” and be open to new perspectives. So, here goes.

My interpretation of the Devil card is ENSLAVEMENT. It represents all of the negative things in life that we find ourselves trapped by, whether it be something we accidentally brought upon ourselves (like experimenting with drugs/alcohol and developing a nasty addiction), or from outside events and forces (being put into subserviant roles against our will). Whatever the situation may be, when the Devil card shows up in a reading, it sternly reminds us to take a look in the mirror and be honest about what it is we see.

Do you feel like a slave to something? Are you running the rat race that you never wanted to be a part of? Are you struggling privately (or not so privately) with an addiction? Do you feel like you’ve lost control of some aspect of your life and that something negative has taken the reigns?
There’s a thing in psychology called “learned helplessness”. This refers to an individual’s attitudes and beliefs when they have basically set up a self-fulfilling prophecy of failure. “I can’t fight it, so why even try?” There are many times in life that we fail to realize that our own self-talk is the biggest detriment to our success— NOT outside forces. We fail to see that we DO have enough power to break away from these things and we give up so easily. This card questions this way of thinking directly. What are you so sure CAN’T BE FIXED in your life? Think about it— I mean really think about it. Are you being honest with yourself?

Romance: Not the most pleasant card in the realm of romance. Often points to abuse of power in a relationship— sometimes even straight up abusive relationships. Deception is big with this card, so when it appears, it suggests there is some kind of secret being kept from you and it’s not a good one. Feeling like one has lost their personal freedom in a relationship is another possibility. Another big buzzword for this card: co-dependancy. Being TRAPPED, whether it’s because you feel you must live up to your partner’s standards (or the standards of the “dating game” if you are single).

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