Mending The Gap Reading for Anonymous

Anonymous asks:

I am cancer he is Leo , we are having problems and he says he doesn’t think we can fix them so he thinks the best option is to end the relationship . I feel that he’s doing it because he thinks it’s the right thing to do not because he actually wants to end it.

First of all I’d like to say I’m sorry you’re going through this right now. It sounds like you’re in a lot of emotional pain.

You requested that I use the “mending the gap” spread, so, here goes.

Elemental Stats: Querent is a Cancer sun sign – WATER, Partner is a Leo sun sign – FIRE.

Some additional links you may find interesting:

1. Represents you in the situation

This Major Arcana card is standing out right away. Majors are said to bring a stronger energy into the reading, so we should pay special attention to what they have to say. Temperance is often assumed to mean simply “moderation”; avoiding excess and so on. Often overlooked is another meaning for this word entirely: like tempering chocolates, or tempering precious metals, you have a skill in bringing together things that may not “go together” traditionally and making something worthwhile out of them. It could be saying that you’ve done all you can to bring the two opposing views together and that there’s nothing left that you can do.

2. Represents them in the situation
8 of Cups

There is an issue here regarding moving on from something in the emotional realm. Sometimes the 8 of Cups is talking about moving on to bigger and better things— and sometimes it’s talking about leaving behind the things that just don’t fit anymore. 

3. Represents the difficulty you are having
The Lovers, Reversed

I’m glancing down my Tarot Journal at the page I had alotted for the Lovers card reversed. There are lots of different ways to look at reversed cards— but here are some that seem to speak louder than others (again— this is a Major, so it’s begging to be taken seriously!). Co-dependence.

Feelings that aren’t mutual.

Communication failures.

Relationships primarily based on sex.

Failure to see things are they really are— rose-colored glasses, not allowing yourself to see the BAD. 

One in a relationship may feel fulfilled, while the other is seeking spiritual answers. (This rings clearly when we consider the 8 of Cups we just drew.)

4. Represents their difficulty
9 of Wands, Reversed

Defensiveness in an unhealthy way, committment issues, feeling like a failure, spiritual fatigue, too many belief systems and traditions which only burden and make them feel inadequate, being too serious, making false assumptions, possible paranoia (or schizophrenia?).

5. Advice to you
Ace of Pentacles

Aces are like seeds of potential. The Ace of Pentacles is the seed of a new energy sweeping into your life— and it sounds like you need this right now. This particular energy is an Earth energy, so it relates to things that are tangible. Your health, your career, your finances, your possessions, your education, etc. Some advice the Ace of Pentacles may be trying to tell you is to try a new way of thinking. Turn to the Earth. Play with animals. Plant some flowers. Pick up a new job, or volunteer some of your time. You’ll be able to help others AND help yourself to keep your mind occupied. Focus on your HANDS a little more and what you can do with them. Try to come out of your head and your emotions. Connect with nature. 

6. Advice to them
Knight of Cups

Another Cups card for him. 

As advice, this Knight has a pretty clear message. He needs to try to find emotional balance. Again, the cards are pointing to something that is imbalanced in his realm of emotions, so he needs to work on that right now. This card warns against getting totally sucked into a sort of fantasy world. It does advise that he listen to his heart’s true calling, whatever that may be.


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