Card of the Day : XVII The Star

Card of the Day : XVII The Star


@ Druid Craft

Keywords/Concepts: hope, inspiration, serenity, ascension, cleansing, calm, renewal, new beginnings, a love-filled phase of life, authenticity, calm after the storm, personal freedom,


Lo Scarabeo Polaris

Astrological/Elemental Associations: Aquarius/Air


Message to you: You are on the right path to a dazzling new future, so continue clinging to the good in life and don’t let that hope inside you die down. You know deep inside that things are going to be alright— trust that gut feeling. Your intuition is working for you right now! Count the many blessings you do have in life— even if times are dark at the moment. Gratitude will brighten things up in ways that might surprise you. Be thankful for the things that have made you the wonderful person you are today, and trust that the dark times are coming to an end. Someone may wish to join you right now on your journey— they cannot help but be entranced by your light. Use your intuition here to determine the best course of action. Do not allow anyone or any thing to snuff out the radiance you emit right now.


@ Ancient Italian Tarot – Lo Scarabeo

What it means when drawn…

In a romance reading: The Star card is usually a quite positive omen in all aspects, and romance is no different. In an established relationship, it can indicate that a couple is growing closer after a rough patch. It is a card of hope and inspiration, so it brings with it feelings of excitement and looking forward to the future together. The Star also brings a message of hope if you’re single and looking— but reminds you to listen to your intuition (which is spot-on at this time). 

In a career reading: The Star also brings a major boost in self-esteem; we are realizing that we ARE capable, creative and resourceful contributors to society. This heralds well if the Querent is having difficulties adjusting to a new job or is going through conflict at work. For those seeking employment, The Star suggests you take some time to really think about where your talents lie. There is a theme of CREATIVITY and UNDISCOVERED TALENT that runs through this card— so you may want to look for opportunities to use your creative talents to help bring others joy. 

In a spiritual reading: Spiritual transformation has happened. “As above, so below”. You are letting go of everything that isn’t conducive to your new sense of spirit. To fully embrace the energy of this card, there may be some things you are asked to let go of. 


“The Star brings Liberation and Freedom after chains of The Devil and the shock of The Tower. The very fact that the woman is wearing no clothes symbolises that she no longer has anything to hide.” –


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