A Post-Breakup Reading for Anonymous

Anonymous has just gone through a tumultuous breakup. She (the querent) is a Virgo and the ex-partner is a Scorpio. She wants to know if the relationship is fixable, and also would like some clarity on the situation as a whole. So here goes:

I apologize for taking so long with your reading.

I’m going to use a slightly different layout than the “Mending the Gap” spread, since this is about a relationship that has ended. We will ask the cards these questions:

1. What does the querent need to know about this relationship?
2. What advice should the querent take?
3. What should the querent know about the ex-partner?
4. How does the future look for these two?

1. 7 of Pentacles

(from the Universal Wirth Tarot Deck)

The message of this card is that a LOT of work has been put in, and now is the time to step back and assess whether it has all been worth it or not. The honeymoon phase is over, and there is some fear and impatience surrounding that. This card encourages patience and reminds you that you sow what you reap.

2. 9 of Cups

(from the Rowan Tarot Deck)

Know your own value. Work on raising that self-esteem. In doing this, you’ll have to surround yourself with influences that are condusive to becoming more comfortable in your own skin. If certain things, people, or issues are making you feel bad about yourself, this is like a cosmic red light. If it doesn’t feel right, trust that feeling. Right now, you need to make YOURSELF feel good.

3. Ace of Swords

The Ace of Swords usually points to conflict. Representing your ex-partner, it speaks of a LOT of will and power being wielded. This sometimes implies that one partner is being controlling, demanding, and stifling. Again, we see this theme developing: fighting for the sake of fighting alone. The infatuation stage and it’s impermanence. I’m reading this to mean that he has grown tired of the way things have been and is now just presenting conflict and derision in every aspect of the relationship.

4. 2 of Swords, Rx

When the 2 of Swords is reversed, it points (again) to conflict. A decision that must be made has possibly brought one or both of you to a breaking point. All kinds of things are coming to the surface that must be addressed directly. A confrontation must happen. It might not be pretty, but if you wish for this relationship to continue, it is necessary. Here’s what Priana.com has to say about this card appearing after a breakup:
“For a post breakup situation, it shows fading of all negative elements from the mind. In other words, hurtful feelings are gone. So it is possible for the lover to revive the past relationship or simply start moving on towards another direction.” http://www.priania.com/2013/07/2-of-swords-in-love-and-relationships.html


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