Anonymous Asks…

I’d like to know how the next few months will be for me. Things have been rough and I wanna know if I have to prepare for anymore disappoint. Thank you in advance!

Okay, I’ve pulled three cards to give us a little portrait of the next three months. We can either look at this as one card per month, or as more of a general snapshot of what to expect from this time of your life. Here’s what I got:

10 of Swords, RX

If this card had been in it’s upright position, we’d be talking about a definite painful end to a painful situation. However, it is reversed. This card actually popped out at me while I was shuffling and landed right in front of me, perfectly reversed. 

I see reversed cards as DISTORTIONS of the concept represented by the upright card. So I’m seeing you either narrowly avoiding a very painful situation, or prolonging a necessary ending of something. Perhaps there are ties you need to cut with someone in order to move forward mentally. 

There’s one other possibility – perhaps you are carrying with you the pain and scars of something that ended in the past. 

The World

Well, this is a nice card to see in a reading about your near future! 

Mastering all 4 elements, integrating mind/body/heart/soul, traveling or making a trip abroad. Meeting someone from a far away place. Moving to a far away place. 

Whatever the exact situation may be, the World card reassures you that it will be a good one. It will represent the successful completion of something you’ve been working long and hard for. 🙂

The High Priestess

Ah, the holder of great mystery. 

Her energy is very calm and collected.

You can expect a boost in your intuition. You will have insights that others do not have. It will be very important that you listen to that inner voice and pay attention to what it tells you. 

This may point to a particular situation which will unfold with a maternal figure of some sort. It can also suggest information being given only to YOU. 

More information is coming your way. 

I hope this was helpful! 🙂


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