Anonymous Reading for Clarity on a Relationship…

Hello! I see you’re a fellow Tarot enthusiast. 🙂 I’ll pull some cards for you about this situation.

What should the Querent know about this person themselves?

Page of Wands – While full of youth and vigor, this person may not have a good a grasp on sticking to things long-term. There is maturation that needs to occur here. While he is charming, exciting, they can also be quite headstrong (whether they’re right or wrong). This card points to something unexpected coming…

What should the Querent know about the situation?

Two of Wands – It’s time to have a sit-down chat and confont some of the questions you have. Decisions need to be made about the future. There may be issues with keeping one or both of you focused on your desired outcome— so be aware of that. There is some sense of restricted freedom here, too. One person wielding more authority than the other. A change is coming, and it might be unexpected. It could be a temporary trip or even moving somewhere else. One of you is feeling particularly brave right now and is considering taking risks.

What can the Querent do to bring about more clarity to the situation?

Death – as advice, the Death card suggests you be flexible to the change thats coming. We don’t know if this is going to be a positive change or one that brings pain— but be prepared. Let go of anything you might be hiding from yourself or refusing to acknowledge. This reading has rung a clear theme of change approaching, and Death symbolizes rebirth that takes place after this change. As the Page of Wands is sometimes apt to do, DON’T choose to ignore issues because they’re too painful to look at. I really believe that Death in this situation is simply telling you to do an attitude check and make sure you’re open to whatever new energy is about to sweep through this situation!


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