Difficult Conversation Reading for Anonymous

I’m reading tonight for a Pisces woman who needs to have a difficult conversation with her Taurus man.

1. What energy should I bring into the conversation?
2. What TO talk about:
3. What NOT to talk about:
4. The energy I leave the conversation with.


1. The Lovers

The energy represented by the Lovers is a powerful one of commitment, love and authenticity. It also represents duality and choices to be made which will impact the future. The Lovers card advises you to stay committed to the goal, even if it isn’t seeming to go as well as you had hoped. Make decisions by consulting YOUR intuition— with authenticity. Search your soul, because it definitely knows what’s best and what isn’t in this situation. 

2. The Emperor

The “Father Figure” of the deck, the Emperor is all about authority, control, discipline, rules… but also advice, wisdom and structure. There may be something you need to call out for what it is—  did he break the rules? Did he do something that hurt you? SPEAK UP about it. However, the Emperor is wise and knows how to speak up for what’s right without causing even more chaos. Use your head, and try to put the raging emotions that may rise up in you aside. 

3. Ace of Cups

Wow, this card completely validates the last one. The Ace of Cups is the starting point for the entire Cups suit, and the Cups deal primarily with emotions. Again— do not approach this conversation full of emotion. You will not be able to win him over to your way of thinking by elaborate displays of emotion— in fact he may just stop listening to you completely if you do so. Try to remain detached in an emotional sense, using your intuition in unison with your mind to get the best outcome.

4. 4 of Swords

You will need a period of rest and recharging after this. The 4 of Swords in this context could be negative, indicating total failure and retreat from the whole mess… but in this case, given the surrounding cards, I’m reading it as the necessity of taking time to repair your own heart and mind. New beginnings are going to happen, and you need to store up some energy to enter into this new phase. Treat yourself. Put yourself first for a while until you’re ready to pick up and start anew. 

images: Fairy Tale Tarot by Lisa Hunt (http://www.thefairytaletarot.com/)


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