My Daily Guidance

I have some readings to do and feel kind of like getting them started. But first! I must draw my daily cards and see what’s happenin’.

I’m doing this in an almost dark room. I have one candle lit and a minimal amount of daylight is coming through my tiny window. I can barely see, but I note the color blue is abundant. Two fire cards appear in succession today, under the fire sign of Sagittarius.

My gut instincts will come first, and I will consult my journal for additional info that I might be missing.

Theme: 2 of Wands

A choice of where to direct creative passions, the sense of having the world in your hands (or as your oyster). Duality and choices. Power. A good time to act.
Additional notes: Aries. Facing the fear directly. Taking a risk. Daring to do as I wish— and possibly pissing off someone who doesn’t share them. Calling the shots and having authority. Predicting the future by looking at the past. Creative expression, spiritual curiosity.

Triumphs: 6 of Wands

A card of triumph itself. Success, even if it’s momentary, is still a success to be counted. 15 minutes of fame. Being in everyone’s good graces. Praise.
Additional notes: Leo. May receive an ego boost from someone. May be the object of someone’s interest – be cautious not to get too cocky. Deals with the challenges that come with initial success— can you keep it going? Can you not be distracted by the accolades of others and continue pressing on toward the goal?

Tribulations: 9 of Pentacles

As a challenge, the 9 of Pentacles implies having trouble with self-reliance, success that is tied up in others— or the very opposite, isolation to the point of alienation. Outward and inward success are incongruent.

Advice: Knight of Cups

As advice the Knight of Cups reminds me that brute force isn’t the only way to success— it must be balanced with feelings. Act freely out of love. Be romantic and sweet. Stay grounded and don’t take off in any flights of fancy (or fantasy). Use your emotional intelligence.


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