Inspired by, and made for, hellboundwitch’s witchy wishlists.

1) What you want.

2) What you need.

3) What you can get from others.

4) What only you can give to yourself.

The wants/needs/gifts here can be as literal, material or metaphorical as you want, i.e. it doesn’t have to be about physical things you want to have, though it can be! Taking the imagery of the cards at face value might help here with interpretation.

You could even deal two spreads at the same time for a more detailed reading – the first 4 cards regarding things on a material level (“That seven of pentacles is probably referring to my dire need for more tarot decks”), the second 4 cards bringing more of a cold, reasoned perspective (“4 of swords is telling me I need to chill and maybe take some time to really think about what I want/need before I spend any $$”).



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