Checking In: A Mini-Reading for Anonymous

Anonymous is facing a time of uncertainty with their current grades at University. They are worried about being kicked out, and if they are even on the right path or not.

Card 1 represents your strengths in the current situation. Ive drawn Judgement (XX)

The Judgement card has many applications to life, and in this question we’ve asked the Tarot to tell us about your strengths. This is a Fire Sign card, and has some things to tell us about transformation and final decisions. This would indicate that you might be a person who is resilient and can put aside old approaches that aren’t working in favor of some radically different ones. You have the strength to make irrevocable decisions and to make them wisely. This is a rare time in the Tarot where you are asked to use your skills of logic and reason over intuition and inner knowing. You are endowed with a gift in this arena; you have clarity on your own situation perhaps better than anyone else does right now. What is it that you know isn’t working, even if it did in the past?

Card 2 represents the blockage/dilemma you’re facing. I’ve drawn the Three of Swords in it’s upright position.

Is there a romantic interest that may have either helped you decide the path you would take academically, or— has heartbreak recently knocked you off track? There is something here to be said about a painful romantic situation having great bearing on the whole. I like to think in broader terms with the three of Swords— obviously, it’s a card of heartbreak. It’s also a card of REMOVAL of some sort, often painful. Surgeries and extractions come to mind. There’s some pain indicated here and it’s coming from events OUTSIDE of you. There are difficult lessons you are having to learn. Some illusion you had has been shattered and now you’re not sure what to think. 

Card 3 represents adjustments in your life that you will need to make to see success. I drew the 10 of Swords.

This is another painful card, I’ll be honest with you. The Sword cards represent matters of the mind and the entire suit is heavy with conflict and stress. The Swords often turn inward on the Querent themselves. The Ten of Swords depicts someone who has freakin’ had it.

The situation has ended badly, but it was bad to begin with. There is a tie-in to the first card (Judgement) as Karmic lessons are brought up. How can you tell if something is a Karmic lesson? Well one pretty easy way to tell is if the painful thing just keeps happening over and over again, then we can say “hey, the universe is definitely trying to teach me something and I’m definitely missing the point”— until now.

You could avoid hitting this rock-bottom point altogether, and that’s the good news. We’ve asked about adjustments you need to make to bring about success; well, here is your answer: keep negative thinking in check, for real. It will wreck you. You will also need to let go of what you THOUGHT things were and accept them for what they ARE (this also ties back to the first card). You are called to make absolutely sure you know all of the facts in this situation, so whatever options do arise (and yes, it does look like a change of direction may lie ahead), you are looking at it as clearly and objectively as possible. This card talks about the need for closure and a clean break from things as they are now— but assures you that a new scenario is soon to play itself out in your life.

Finally, Card 4 represents simply a nudge in the right direction. I have drawn the 9 of Swords.

(This spread sure looks dreary, but it really isn’t!) 

As a direction, first the 9 of Swords begs for HEALING from something that has hurt you.

Some other directions it may be pointing are towards the mental health field, dealing with traumatized patients, counselling, mentoring, outreach, helping-people careers and programs (especially a strong calling here to women’s issues, so think domestic violence survivors, battered women shelters, women’s health services, support groups for women’s issues, etc). 


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