Post-Breakup Snapshot Reading

Tonight I am reading for an anonymous Cancer Querent who has been through a breakup (the ex is a Taurus). 

The Querent is wanting to know basically what’s going on now, and what to expect. Is there a future between the two? Let’s find out.

1. What does the Querent need to know about the break-up?

King of Pentacles

The King of Pentacles represents that which is long-lasting. Dedication and loyalty to the end. The King of Pentacles relies a lot on traditional values in tough times. They can seem kind of stoic and unemotional, however, their emotions are best translated through deeds. Acts of kindness. 

The King of Pentacles has strong ties to Earth signs (such as Taurus). 

This may be telling you that you were NOT in the wrong. It may be telling you that you are willing to wait FOREVER for this person. You represent commitment in its truest form.

2. Where does the ex stand?

The Devil

The Devil card often shows up as a big warning.

In a relationship context— it can speak of entrapment. Control issues. Abuse. Addictions that have snuck in and begun to wreck things. Deception, lying, cheating. Feeling stuck and like one has no personal freedom anymore. Holding on to anxiety from past relationships, and letting that anxiety infiltration present ones. Repeating negative cycles learned early on. 

But remember— the question was how does he STAND now toward the issue? 

As an answer, I believe the card is telling us he isn’t doing so great. His mind is clouded. He may have thought he was chained to you and wanted to break free, but now he sees that it’s his own mind and his own demons he needs to break free from. 

3. What needs to happen here that will bring about the best outcome for those involved?


Ahh, beautiful Temperance. 

To consult the Temperance card for advice, we learn that there is certainly change happening. There is further healing that needs to take place on both of your parts. It warns against haste. Weighing the pros and cons will help clarify things. Blending, compromising (but only in healthy ways!), connecting… these are pretty good implications. There are some differences you two face that SEEM like they’ll just never work in a relationship— but upon further insight, further healing (perhaps therapy work or connecting to your spirituality), and further PATIENCE are absolute musts. 

4. A spapshot of this relationship’s future:

The Star

The Star is probably one of my favorite cards— not just because it ties to Aquarian/air energy, but also because of its profound message of hope. There is more spirituality suggested in this card, which is something I’m not seeing much of in the two cards representing you and your ex. Is there any element of spirituality that you share? 

The Star speaks of authenticity. Renewal. Stability. Self-transformation. 

In this position, it’s appearance may signify that someone new is coming along for YOU. Someone who will appeal to your spiritual side and will take you into realms you never knew existed. Or, it could be saying that you will re-united with you lost love, but that the relationship will take on a new form. 

Once again, this happens AFTER a period of soul-searching and personal growth.

IN SUMMARY: I do not often pull so many Major Arcana cards in such a small spread. I had divided the deck also into 1/3 reversals, and none of those appeared. The starkly negative appearance of the Devil card is concerning, but once again, it isn’t representing the person themselves but rather the way they are feeling right now about your relationship. You got two profoundly healing cards to follow. I’m going to say that if you take things slowly, perhaps checking in from time to time to see how they’re doing and show genuine interest in the condition of their heart/mind/soul, you may be able to revive what you thought was lost. I can’t emphasise enough, though, that there looks to have been some damage left in the wake of either the relationship itself, or in the breakup. This. Needs. Healing. Going back to that Devil card… repeating negative cycles just to stay together is not even worth it in the amount of harm it can do you. The cycles have to change. 

I hope this was helpful, and I really enjoyed doing this reading for you. Please leave me some feedback and let me know if any of this resonated with you! 

all images = Cosmic Tarot


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