Let’s make tarot a daily habit in 2015!
To help you follow through with your New Year’s Resolution to “Learn Tarot/Do More Tarot/Be Consistent With My Daily Draw”, Spoopy Tarot and The Happy Existentialist created the New Year’s Pledge.   
Check daily the calendar with the prompts if you miss our daily posts here.
  • Everyone is encouraged to participate, but only those 18 and over will be eligible for the prize raffle.
  • Pull one card a day to answer the questions shown on the calendar. The questions must be answered in order, on the appropriate date.  
  • Tag your responses with #21DailyDraw 
  • Sign up here to let us know you’ve taken the pledge and receive a special button! 
  • First place will choose an item from the amazon list here 
  • Two runners up will receive a 10+ card reading from either Spoopy Tarot or The Happy Existentialist
  • The use of reversed cards is encouraged, as is reading for people other than yourself. 
Have fun!
Starting January 1st, 2015

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