Career – Should I Stay or Go? For H.

Hello I would love a minireading from you :-). I would like to ask about my two Jobs and IF it would be beneficial to my profession (and wallet) to quit my extra job. aug 22 1970. IF you have more questions don’t hesitate to mail me. I don’t need to be anonymous, only a bit discreet :-). Thank you and have a nice day. 

Hello, H!
Thanks for asking such a well-phrased question!
I wanted to ask— do you know that you are born on the Leo-Virgo cusp? That’s pretty cool! 🙂
Okay so I’ll pull a few cards for you now.

I want to do this spread a bit differently. I will use two rows, row #1 representing KEEPING the extra job and row # representing LEAVING the extra job. For each row I am going to ask how the action would impact you, your profession, and your finances. Six cards.

1. How would keeping the extra job impact the Querent as a whole?

7 of Pentacles

Keeping this extra job will certainly keep you on your toes. As it stands, the extra job reflects that you are desiring to save for your future, which indicates a very strong work ethic. Right now you may be going through a spurt of disillusionment with what once seemed like a great idea (taking on the extra job), and you may be wondering if it’s all just been a waste of time. Try to recognize the experience this job is giving you. Is it adding to your sense of pride in your work? 

This card warns against taking on any additional workload.

2. How would keeping the extra job impact the Querent’s professional career?

Image – Steampunk Tarot

Ace of Pentacles

By providing a lot of potential for new opportunity and growth in the physical, material realm. By giving you the chance to learn new things and brush up on old skills. This extra job sounds like it may be a good fit for you in the long-run…

3. How would keeping the job impact the Querent’s finances?

Gentry Smith –

Ace of Swords

Ah! Blasted Ace of Swords, and here? (Just kiddin’, I’m cool.)

The Ace of Swords brings new energy and potential (and likely, conflict) to the mind of the Querent. If we apply this to your finances, it is a mixed blessing. While it does bring its added bonus (financially and etc.), it also brings its own set of problems. Use objective truth when you are making a final decision about this— give your head a little more credence than your heart in this matter.

4. How would leaving the extra job impact the Querent as a whole?

5 of Cups, Rx

The only reversal in the spread! 

This card is telling us that leaving this job would be an emotionless sacrifice— so you aren’t too emotionally tied to it. Good. It can represent hope, good news, and the end to recent unhappy times… but it can also point the opposite way. It can suggest frivolity, emotional immaturity and wasted talents too. 

5. How would leaving the extra job impact the Querent’s professional career?

Tarot Art Nouveau

6 of Wands

Leaving the extra job certainly doesn’t appear to have any lasting negative consequences to your born profession. In fact, it bears potential to get your name out there and give you some recognition, even if fleeting. This is a card of immediate successes and celebrating those successes—but also brings with it a clear message that you aren’t going to be able to just sit back and use the extra time to lounge around. Constant work is still going to have to be done to uphold the successes you do find. Leave the job or not; you will likely not find it to affect how much free time you have. The demands of the original job may increase, or there may be something new added to your plate. Just bear these things in mind before deciding!

6. How would leaving the extra job impact the Querent’s finances?

Tarot of Pagan Cats

2 of Wands

I see this as both positive AND negative. 

One of the major questions the Two of Wands asks, ironically, is “should I stay or go?”. How fitting. It points to a time where you have a lot of personal sway— you have the upper hand and a big decision to make. You will survive financially if you choose to leave the job— we can tell because the figure in the Two of Wands card basically has the world in his hands. Whatever choice he makes isn’t likely to bring disaster and downfall. The question really boils down to the use of your passion and how this ties in with your finances. It will prove difficult to maintain the two jobs for long. Financially, there is something going on here with the extra job that seems to make it somewhat of a liability as well as a money-making opportunity. You may actually stand to LOSE money if you stay— but there’s something else you will retain. That something lies in your creative passion. The card advises you to follow through on any contracts (whether written or verbal) you’ve made. Be open to challenge, but stay organized and just like our very first card said, don’t take on any MORE than you have. This is the downfall of the Two of Pentacles person— they must distribute their fire and inspiration wisely or nothing will ever get done at all!

I hope you find this reading helpful and please leave me some feedback! 🙂


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