Reading: Snapshot 2015

Hey! I was wondering if you could do a mini reading about what 2015 holds for my partner and I, if that’s not too vague. Mostly in relation to work. I’m Taurus and he’s Sagittarius. Thanks!


I have this idea brewing today about Snapshot readings that I want to try out on you, if you’ll be my willing test subject. ๐Ÿ™‚
I try to keep mini-readings to 4 cards, so here’s four “snapshots” for you for the upcoming year!

1. Snapshot of 2015 for you as a couple regarding your work/occupations:

2 of Wands – A lot of opportunities will be made available to you. In fact, you may find yourselves almost paralyzed with the seemingly endless possibilities and will find you both must choose only one main place to channel all of your passions— which seem to definitely be appearing as things you can turn around and do for a living. You or both of you may be dealing with rather mundane jobs right now, or perhaps you just aren’t feeling very on fire about what you do for work. Or, one or both may be graduating from higher education and entering their chosen field this year. Regardless, expect LOTS of opportunity as a blessing, but also some burdens in deciding how to narrow those opportunities down. Overall: looks good. ๐Ÿ™‚ (Oh – my inner psychic wants me to tell you that since the Wands are Fire cards, there will be more of an emphasis on your Sag partner’s work field than yours.)

2. Snapshot of 2015 for you as a couple – Something Unexpected

10 of Swords – 2015 will bring about and end to something you’ve been struggling with as a couple for quite a while now. It’s something that has brought pain. There may be a loss involved— but it’s a loss that is going to usher in a great deal of new energy and potential, freeing you up in some way. I’d say maybe examine your life a little, notice if there’s anything that’s going on right now that is just one big old messed up situation and causes one or both of you to hurt. This could be the unexpected something. Prepare yourself for what it might mean to lose this. Use the meantime to strengthen and grow as a couple!

3. Snapshot of 2015 for you as a couple – Something Forseen

The World – SO many possibilites with this card, but when it represents something forseen that will come in 2015, I’m going to just HAVE to ask— is/are one of you graduating from schooling this upcoming year? Or maybe you’re anticipating the completion of some sort of training program or certification? Whatever it may be, this card tells us that there is something you are expecting to reach completion in 2015, and assures you that this thing will go awesomely. Awesomely? Is that a word?

4. Snapshot of 2015 for you as a couple –

Judgement – a card which, in my mind at least, may as well be named Karma. It’s another Fire card (and Sag is a fire sign – hence why I ask for people’s zodiac info because it can sometimes help us figure out what the cards are saying more specifically and to whom), and is ruled by Pluto, the planet of Transformation. Enlightenment, awakening, resurrection, integration. Atoning for the sins of your past— or enjoying gifts the Universe bestows on you for the good you’ve done. You may face a test as a couple— approach it very logically and balanced.
Lastly, I’m pasting in some words from, an amazing blog for card descriptions.
“In relationships The Judgement Card indicates a True Karmic connection. Past life influences may be at play in your relationship, especially if you find your situation particularly challenging. This card highlights the need to proceed with caution of action, thought and deed as this situation may have happened before and is part of your reason for incarnating. Try to work things out for the highest good of all and not for some selfish reason or it may come back to haunt you. If you listen to your inner voice you will find a deep knowledge and understanding that this was meant to be. The gods have conspired to arrange this combination, this relationship, for very good reasons. This relationship will contain a Karmic Lesson to be worked through so be aware of any challenges or obstacles seemingly thrown in its path. Your response to such challenges will be very important along the way for this is no accident. The Judgement Card can also represent a relationship once thought dead brought back to life again as a result of honesty, clear communication and the mutual working through of issues and problems.”

Hope this helped, or was at least fun to read. I would love to hear your feedback – what made sense, what resonated, what didn’t, etc.
Have a lovely day!


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