My daily draws SO frequently feature the King or Knight of Wands, always. As I’ve mentioned before, I see my partner as thr King of Pents at his best, the Knight of Wands when he’s being a… ahem… pain in my ass.

The Lovers card came up reversed as an obstacle card yesterday, and today it appears in the advice position.
I’ve gotten the Ace of Pents a few times lately and always in my “triumphs” position. I’m dirt broke and haven’t felt mentally well enough to even leave the house lately, so I am starting to wonder if I need to study the Ace of Pents more. Maybe I’m reading it wrong.

Haven’t seen the Knight of Cups lately, but reversed Cup Court cards have been coming up as my daily tribulation. (To me, this one makes total sense because they are all kind of implying that I am struggling with keeping my negative emotions in check.)

Do any of you go through periods of time where you are “stalked” by a certain SET or combination of cards? What did you take it to mean? I want to hear your stories….


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  1. elementhealing · December 31, 2014

    For me if I keep getting the same cards popping up I take it to mean that I have not yet gotten the message that is trying to come through. So my guides are still trying to get me to pay attention. It is usually something I need to be doing, like paying attention, but I am not. The last time this happened it was a message that I needed to get busy on a project. It was time but I kept telling myself no I am not ready. I don’t have what I need. Sometimes you just have to take that leap of faith. So I did!!

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