A Tumblr Reading: There’s A Reason You’re On This Path

What does chinicha need to know about the path they are on currently?


Ace of Swords 

You are on the path of exposing truth and bringing justice. This path is not an easy one and will be full of setbacks, but it is something you believe in. You are living authentically.

How does this path relate to the path chinicha wishes to be on?


When it appears with the Ace of Swords, Judgement denotes a big, important message about the NEED for you to do what you are doing. This sounds to me like you are being assured that you are headed in the right direction. Something interesting about these two cards combined that may or may not apply: sometimes they point to something you HAVE to do to make up for mistakes of the past.

Where will chinicha’s current path lead?

Page of Swords

Interesting— Swords are coming up here, which indicates that your concerns (or possibly the path you’re on) involves a lot of thought — not emotion, not even necessarily passion (unless it’s a passion for exposing truths), but ideas, clarity of thinking, etc. The Page of Swords can represent someone who is a student of medicine, law, science, marketing, journalism, research or other fields that involve the sharing and implementation of IDEAS. This card has a lot to do with speaking your mind freely,

What advice is there for chinicha’s current state of uncertainty?

3 of Wands, baby! The “point of no return” is approaching, so now is the time for any last minute assessment. Are you SURE you have the time/energy/resources to follow through on your plan? Do you have others you can call on for help if you hit a rough patch? Are you making sure to both think about the big picture AND notice all of the details of the situation (now is not a good time to miss important facts, because soon it will be too late to change paths). Find a way to ground yourself, do some soul-searching. From all the other cards I’ve pulled, I’m reading that you are on the right path, but you’re being asked right now to FOCUS— revisit your initial plan, tweak it as needed. And make sure you aren’t taking on too much or going it alone. Your path seems like it’s going to be a rocky one but in the end it is your calling. To not answer that calling would be to ignore authenticity. Be true to you!

I hope this helped! Please let me know how you felt about the reading, if any of it made sense to you or felt right, what you’re still unsure about, etc. And by all means come back soon!


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