Tarot Stories: Best Romantic Couple In the Deck?


“What tarot cards make your favorite romantic couple?”

I’m drawn to think of the balance of opposites, the bringing together of two who may seem very opposite yet work together beautifully.

I am drawn then to think of my own relationship; he is 41 and I am 28. We met through very “chance” circumstances, though looking back it is interesting to note all of the forces of the universe that must have been working together to help us find one another.

I sometimes think of myself as the Knight of Page of Swords (if I were a court card)— definitely unfinished in my growth and maturity, yet still eager to learn and progress. I am an Aquarius, Libra rising.

AN_KnightSwords300I have that very “weird” Aquarian vibe (well, its weird to non-Aquarians) that I put off, and I can remember the night we met so well. He sat quietly in the corner of the room, mysteriously observing me I usually have a keen sense of how a person feels about me quite early on— but he had me totally stumped. This mystery and “man-of-few-words” quality really made me push to find out more.

He turned out to be all I could have ever wished for in a partner. After coming out of a recent situation of pretty severe abuse wherein my perpetrator was in jail for what he did to me, I didn’t trust anyone. I was working on project ME for the first time in my life— no filling that void of loneliness with another relationship, this was ME time. After I spent some intense soul-searching time, I had drawn up a list of non-negotiables for any future relationships. I made the firm decision that I would not accept these 10 specific things, ever ever again, and that even the hint of them would turn me off to a potential lover completely before the attachments form. In some ways I feel like the Universe was saying “This is exactly the lesson you’ve needed to learn your entire adult life. I trust you finally have understood and internalized this lesson and will live your life differently now, so here you go…” and just… put him in my life.

There are several court cards I see him as and these change often. Sometimes he’s an established, mature King who seems in control of his entire realm. Sometimes he seems like a Knight (… of Wands) who just can’t control his Sagittarius fire and UGH he acts just like a teenage boy. The other day he was in a particularly bad mood and I asked the cards “what do I need to know about my partner’s current state of mind?” and I drew the KNIGHT OF CUPS— he’s moody and emotional for reasons he may not even know. Sure enough, just like a bad case of PMS, his mood lifted within a couple of days.56ac6fdc4c67bc8bb2c8b5e313df3806

When I look at our relationship as a whole, though, I do get a real sense of yin/yang, but also of the Emperor. They say every girl ends up dating her dad at some point, right? (Ew. How wrong does that one sound?) I think that he has been a pillar of strength, love and patience throughout our 1 year and 8 months together. I have spent most of this time working through my traumas of the past few years, sticking to the changes I decided upon during my time of soul searching. and have probably been a bit trying at times on his patience. But he hasn’t left. Like a father figure in a sense, he doesn’t “just leave”- he is there to comfort me when my pain is heavy, and he’s also there to gently remind me when I’m losing a balanced perspective and am getting too engulfed in my own head.

So, as weird as it may sound, I nominate the Emperor and the Knight of Swords as my “best couple of the tarot”.

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