Embracing The Energy: The Ace of Wands

I crafted a new spread this morning after being stalked by this card daily.

I’ll do a very quick example reading on myself.

Embracing the Ace of Wands

Embracing the Ace of Wands


First off, I’ve pulled out the Ace of Wands as a significator card. I like to stand significators up against a pillar candle or anything really where they’re the focal point of the spread.

1. How can I welcome this new energy into my life?

5 of Wands – determination, standing up against competition

2. What opportunities lie “outside the box”?

5 of Cups – the opportunity to take a different perspective on my past pains– realizing not all is lost, looking at what actually does remain

3. How can I ignite an aura of excitement?

The Magician – acting consciously, taking action, taking the reigns, taking responsibility for where I direct my energy

4. How can I keep this aura going?

9 of Swords – there may be much doubt and worry, but don’t give up– remember you’ve already had your “dark night of the soul” and are now waking up. Any pain now is just growing pains.

5. What will this new energy bring into my life?

The World – a cycle that leads to completion, graduation, completing a goal, fulfillment

6. Where should I look for further guidance?

4 of Cups – going within, being introspective, assessing what is truly of emotional value to me and what is merely fogging my glass, meditation and dreams, withdrawing from the hustle and bustle, listening to my intuition. Being wise with how I distribute my emotions, realizing how much energy is being used on emotional affairs.


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