“Are You Twin Flame Material? “

“Are You Twin Flame Material? “

I am using the following spread:

http://lovedovetarot.com/2012/10/05/are-you-twin-flame-material/ from Lisa at lovedovetarot.comimage

. I highly suggest you check out her blog if you’re not already familiar with it!






1. Your Readiness to Serve in Twin Flame Capacity
2. Soul’s Purpose Check-Up (you)
3. Soul’s Purpose Check-Up (your Twin Flame)
4. Karmic issue/challenge (you)
5. Karmic issue/challenge (your Twin Flame)
6. How you are already connected (tune into your inner knowing and allow the card image to take you on a journey until you feel a ‘click’ and recognise the connection)
7. Divine guidance about the synchronicities that will bring you together (timing may be indicated here if you are indeed about to be united)
8. Outcome – Shows the most likely outcome in terms of serving together with your Twin Flame in this incarnation.

1. My readiness to serve in Twin Flame Capacity is represented by the Fool, reversed. Um, I swear I got rid of all reversed cards when I shuffled. Interesting. Just looking at the card…


… I certainly see a lot of foolishness.

This card is telling me that I am probably NOT ready at this time to meet and work with my Twin Flame. Why? Well there’s an issue that has to do with growing and maturing. I may be making assumptions about my own maturity level that are distorted. I may be limiting myself intensely by basing every decision I make on past experiences (failures) and expecting the worst outcome in all risk-taking endeavors.

Conversely, I may be at a place right now where I feel like I’m ready to take on ANYTHING. Totally intoxicated with the experiences that newness and freedom and adventure bring, I may be about to foolishly REPEAT a serious mistake I’ve made in the past.

A few additional notes I have on the reversed Fool: unfocused. No vision. Good at ignoring warnings.  Blocking or forcing manifestation. Eccentricity which crosses the line into delusional-ity.

This card tells me that I must gain more maturity and stability before I am ready for Twin Flame work. I couldn’t agree more.

2. Soul Purpose (me): King of Wands

“The power to govern and safeguard spiritual energy”

My soul’s purpose at this time is to spread my vision through creative and spiritual means. Art (the written word included) are the platforms on which I stand. I am a visionary; this much is certain. I enjoy mentoring people, motivating people, uniting people… but I need an audience. That’s my major downfall. If no one is listening (or if it FEELS that way), out come all of my defense mechanisms and negative energies.

3. Soul Purpose (them): 9 of Pentacles

Ah, I had no idea how to read this card in this position, so I had to pull out the books and brush up on my knowledge!

The 9 of Pentacles as a soul purpose would describe someone who has done a LOT of work, made a LOT of important connections, and is now taking this time to relax. The figure on many Rider-Waite based decks is female, and for some reason I always picture my paternal grandmother when I think about it (although she never did work, but now that my grandpa’s gone, she’s certainly surveying his hard work and accomplishments from a high throne and living up the luxury he set aside for them in their old age). Excuse me for using a gender pronoun but I am going to refer to this card as “she”.

She is older than I— we can tell by her stability, self-reliance, and history of hard work. She may seem a bit vain, but give her a break, she’s earned a few pedicures and spa treatments after the crap she’s had to deal with! She isn’t truly vain, though— what is most important to her is and always has been the work that she’s been involved in for so long now.

More specifically, I see someone surrounded by nature. I also see someone who is on their own by choice. Not very romantically inclined, but certainly well known and loved by many.

4. My Karmic Issue – The Magician

First of all, what is a karmic issue or conflict exactly?

It is a problem or a tricky situation that just seems to keep coming up in one’s life. It is said to be residual from a past life. It is also said to be repeating itself because you haven’t truly LEARNED the lesson yet.

A few cards back (number 2, to be precise), I was browsing through my tarot journal at the King of Wands page. Now, I am doing the same thing on the Magician page. The same phrase is popping out at me: “changing the world around you to fit your goals”.

There is a karmic lesson right there. There is, of course, a certain degree of re-arranging one can do in their routines, scenery, perspectives, etc., but to expect you can change the whole WORLD to think the way you do is (obviously) a preposterous and presumptuous idea, is it not?

Another karmic lesson I see in the Magician card is in the proper use of channeling. I’m not going to limit this to just mean “channelling spirits”; I see it applying to simply delivering something (such as information or insight) to someone/something else. The Magician card has said ties to the written word (again), messages and speech. The Magician’s power is in the fact that they have mastered every element, every channel, every medium… they are sharp as a tack an can get any message across at any time. Perhaps a karmic lesson here would be in my ability to effectively transmit ideas and information in a way that actually serves a PURPOSE, not just arbitrarily for the hell of it. This rings my resonance bell.

I’m sensing a theme in myself already in this reading! A whole lot of creative energy (mostly in the form of words), but not a whole lot of follow through.

5. Their Karmic Issue: The High Priestess

Oooh! Can I tell you a secret? I NEVER pull this card for some reason. This is the first time I’ve seen this glorious card in a reading!


This is a quote taken from Aeclectic Tarot’s forum, by user Thirteen.

“You might say that the HPS is the yin to the Magician’s yang—balancing his light with her dark, his chatter with her silence, his bright, exposed personality with her veiled, mysterious persona. He is all exterior—you see his outside, but not is inside, she is all interior—you get to know her inside, but her outside is hidden. He is standing, she sitting, he is moving, she is still. His red with her blue. His conscious, active mind to her subconscious, dreaming mind, his reason to her intuition.”


My Twin Flame’s Karmic issue involves a lot of mystery and unknowns. Not to her (pardon the female pronoun again, it’s just that the High Priestess symbolizes feminine energy to the max), but to ME.

Referring back to my Twin Flame’s Soul Purpose being the 9 of Pentacles, the High Priestess also speaks of calm, peaceful states of mind, body and soul. She also speaks of the maturity and grace that comes from experience AND intuition.

As a Karmic Lesson, the High Priestess is implying an issue with hidden knowledge, patience, mood and emotional regulation, using gifts of intuition properly, and seeking answers through dreams.

(This card right here is actually bringing to mind someone in particular that I’ve long wondered what the hell it is that pulls us together so strongly— she’s an older woman who shares my sun AND rising signs, has a lot of the same issues I do, and shares a lot of the same passions I do.)

6.. How we are already connected – 7 of Pentacles

Thought: It’s weird that I’m seeing a lot of Pentacles here. Pentacles is the one suit I am very deficient in in my life. I’ve mentioned this before, but I have pretty severe PTSD and agorophobia right now and have not been able to work for 2 years. I’m on the brink of a Disability hearing which unfortunately is falling to pieces— my lawyer backed out, I’m totally unprepared. Trying to remain optimistic and think outside the box. I can’t continue to live this way, totally income-less, much longer. At this point I’d be willing to try picking up a part-time job, but am completely lacking in transportation and can’t get myself anywhere. So, the Pentacles suit is really… my struggle right now. I have nothing to offer.

The 7 of Pentacles, however, makes total sense in this position.

My Twin Flame and I are already connected in the following ways:

  • we are both working on a very slow, difficult process
  • we have been working on this project for quite some time and are both in a position of feeling weary, anxiously awaiting the day when what we’ve been working towards finally pays off
  • we are both practicing a lot of inner work, taking the time out necessary to truly LEARN lessons after painful experiences
  • we are both making slow but steady progress
  • we are both very vigilant of “energy vampires”
  • we are both manifesting our ideas

7. Divine Guidance: King of Pentacles

Again with the Pentacles. Okay, so what would the King of Pentacles advice?

  • use caution with finances— save the money you make right now because you will need it later
  • look for opportunities to make money that involve brainstorming ideas with others
  • look into exchanging services with someone
  • reign in moody behaviors!
  • have a strong work ethic
  • safeguard your own physical energy

8. Outcome – Ace of Cups

Well this certainly looks positive.

The Ace of Cups as an outcome would suggest a state of emotional openness and newness. Healing? HEALING! YES!

The Ace of Cups brings about spiritual love, empathy, establishing a bond, going to a deeper level within a relationship. It also speaks of developing intuition and being able to TRUST your inner voice (something I know I certainly doubt constantly). It can also imply the end of an emotional “drought”, so to speak.

In the context of a Twin Flame relationship, the Ace of Cups is telling me that once we are ready to unite, we will mutually be able to fill eachother’s cups— of love, emotion, passion, etc. This sounds like a romantic connection, but I see it very differently. I see this as the sort of best friend relationship you never would have dreamed you’d someday find.



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