A Daily Draw Tale: 6 of Wands, 10 of Cups, The Heirophant

Most days, my daily card ritual goes kind of like this: I shuffle for a while, think about what I want to do (one card? A two card combo? Or a PPF 3 card style draw?). Some days, whatever I draw is almost instantly recognizable in my personal life. Relationship problems? I usually see someone in the Pentacles Court family, or the Wands family. PMSing like crazy? It’s likely I’ll see the High Priestess or the Empress (though I’d expect to see the Wheel).
A lot of days, though, I simply lay out the cards, take a snapshot, maybe write them down in my log if I remember, and just keep them facing up on my desk (and in my mind) all day.
Yesterday was interesting though. I drew three cards. I was feeling a little bit rushed, anxious, et cetera. My partner has been staying with me all week and we’ve been working on a project in the yard, running a lot of errands, etc. We’ve had a few small arguments that have really shaken me– stirred up some resentment maybe. I must have been subconsciously worrying that we’d have another argument and yesterday I really just felt like I couldn’t peacefully diffuse more drama and chaos.

I thought the words “My day…” in a whisper, and turned over the 6 of Wands. Victory? I thought “My struggles…” and turned over the 10 of Cups. Disturbances in emotions and love? And the final card was the Hierophant, which I drew as a solution to the day’s struggle.
We had to go because we both had therapy; his at 11 and mine at 12. He asked me to come in with him to his session. I reluctantly agreed to go in.
It ended up being a very helpful experience. All of the issues we’ve been dealing with lately sort of just came up on their own. I tried to say very little, as it isn’t my therapy session, but the little I did say seemed to help him and his therapist overcome a plateau.
My session went well. I talked about my part in our problems and allowed my therapist to give me constructive criticism. He told me that he sees that I am very impatient and want results immediately– not a criticism I’ve received before, but upon thinking about it, I see that it IS true.

The Heirophant can be seen as a “seek professional help” card at times. It represents institutions as well, and I think that for me, therapy and the whole field of psychology is very much an institution.
We had a lovely day together and accomplished a lot after our therapy sessions were over. We even had some really good conversations later on in the evening which brought some clarity to what I’ve had a hard time figuring out.
I wanted to share this because it’s one of many instances where, by the end of the day, the cards I chose made perfect sense.

*Astrological note: My partner is a Sag– extremely determined, fast moving, hates slowing down, everything is GO! GO! GO!. His moon is in Gemini– also very restless energy, prone to pretty distinct mood shifts at random times. His rising sign is Taurus, thank the stars! I need this grounded, balanced out energy in a partner to some degree and I believe this rising sign really provides that with my partner. Non-Astrologically, he has a few other factors going on… a major one being a pretty uncontrolled case of Obsessive Compulsive Personality Disorder, an unresolved case of PTSD from a terrible motorcycle accident and then having his ex-wife steal all of his pain medicine and run off with the kids and take away everything he’d been working for for so many years… the accident left him permanently disabled (physically). He lost his business. Lost the house. And was never even given a chance to say goodbye to the children who weren’t biologically his but he raised from ages 4 and BIRTH up for about 13 years. All things considered, he’s functioning surprisingly well. Though I feel that he could be doing better if he were taking his therapy a bit more seriously and actually addressing issues, he does NOT like to talk about things unless HE’S in the mood to talk about them. Which is very rare.

I am an Aquarius – deep thinker, needs alone time, weird, lots and lots goes on in my head, and I’m very much a peacemaker at heart. My moon, however, is in fiery Aries, which throws in a sometimes dark energy. Aries Moon likes things to manifest immediately, takes things very personally, can be impusive and prone to burning bridges/reacting really harshly before thinking it through. My rising sign is Libra — which I’m learning actually DOES explain a lot in me. That way I seem to be able to come across as being more “okay” than I really feel. The driving, sometimes maddening need to make sure people are being treated fairly and justly. My obsession with TRUTH and CLARITY. Also I think maybe my Libra rising is responsible for my entire social life and has pushed me to even CARE to be around people at all. If not for Libra rising balancing out my super introspective Aquarian nature, my volatile Aries moon, as well as non-Astrological issues like some mental health issues, extreme PTSD, extreme anxiety about just about EVERYTHING… oh, and I am so fucking introverted it’s just sick.


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