3 x 3 Spread On a Melancholy Day

I woke up crying again.
Made some coffee.
Shuffled the hell out of my deck. Rene moved my deck lastnight– I watched him and he was careful with it.
I pull three cards.
The Lovers. The Devil. The Emperor.
I ask for clarification on each.

The Lovers + 7 of Wands

At first glace, what comes to me is…
Choice in love, competition, fighting for love, setbacks in love that will be resolved but will require you to NOT give up, even when the going gets tough. Values and beliefs being put to the test, an opportunity to CHOOSE whether I will stand up and fight or remain silent when my values are tested. A platonic friendship coming to an end because one wants to become lovers and the other doesn’t…

The Devil + Judgement

Um, this could possibly be the scariest card combination I’ve ever seen…
What comes to me is…
“Your sins will be revealed”. A major dirty secret coming out and having to accept all of the consequences.

(Later today, I got a phone call from a friend. These cards make total sense to me now. They weren’t describing events in my life, unless there’s more yet to come… ugh, I better go to bed!)

The Emperor + Three of Pentacles

Solid foundations. Being lead, being controlled, but having a solid foundation. Influences from (someone’s) employment situations. Teamwork and solidarity. Letting go of my desires and following another’s way.




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