Anonymous Love Reading: Someone Seems Off…


  1. You… The Queen of Cups, are in a position of openness to romance and love! You are level-headed, while maybe a bit emotional– this is part of what makes you attractive to this person. You are deep, introspective, thoughtful and care a great deal about others. You stand on secure emotional footing at this time.

  2. Them… not so much, maybe? The Three of Swords is a card of pain, heartbreak, acute sadness… brokenness. Perhaps something about them needs nurtured back to health. They are not focused on much other than what is hurting them– this is the driving force behind their dealings with you right now. I am seeing this as potentially negative, because there is a great unbalance* (this will tie in to the last card) between you two right now.

  3. Connection… The Page of Wands, Reversed. Indicating a connection that is still in its very early, immature phases. One of both of you have some growing up to do when it comes to relationships. Don’t fool yourself and overestimate this connection– it is not a particularly deep one, YET. It may be even a little frustrating as one of you is wanting it to move along faster than the other.

  4. Intentions… Knight of Swords as their intentions toward you. This is one of those cards I admit can confuse me as a reader. Knights represent energies that are swift, confrontational, and very adolescent. The Knights have learned more lessons than the Pages, but they are going through a time almost like the awkward puberty years. Swords represent communication and thought, as well as challenges that take a lot of intellect to figure out. Let me quote Raven’s Tarot Site (

“The Knight of Swords represents the Fire in the Air, he is the storm of the mind flaming up high. He is sharp-minded, analytical, clever, dexterous and courageous, always ready for and fond of argumentations and verbal wars. His passion for intellectual mindgames can make him an excellent warrior in logical excursions, enjoying both picky subtleties and bizarre contradictions.

At his best, the Knight of Swords stands for intelligent judgement and mental realizations, he is a skilful trickster and a keen observer. Though, lacking the depths of the water and the stability of earth, his mindgames could turn into cloud-cuckoo-lands without inner reflections, he gets unable to decide simply for getting lost in too many theoretical variations.

At the worst, the Knight of Swords tends to put logic and mind ahead of all other values, turning into an cold analytic judging and rating by logic only, without warmth or humanity; or even degenerates to a deceitful, sardonic tyrant of the mind.”

  1. Future… Justice says that you may face an issue that involves a right from wrong situation. Hopefully it isn’t talking about any legal trouble. Perhaps you know deep down what it’s referring to– if there is some reason why you and this person SHOULDN’T be together (such as one of you already being in a relationship, or some kind of dishonesty with one another), this advises you to make decisions that will NOT put you on the “guilty” side. Stay honest, transparent, with yourself and this person, because there may come a time in the future when you’ll have to account for decisions being made now. This card is upright, though, so I am seeing it as a situation that turns out right for you in the end. Just use your noggin’! Be smart and don’t be too risky now– it will haunt you in the future. Instead, be awesome and authentic now… and always. (Oh, the Justice card also ties heavily into the Zodiac sign of Libra. I don’t know if you are into astrology or not but I thought I’d throw that out there.)





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