4 Card Relationship Dynamic Spread for Anon

Hey there^-^ I’d like a reading about my love life. I’m interested in this guy, but I have no idea what’s going on between us. He hasn’t really tried to even talk to me in a month or so, so I’m wondering if he still has interest in me at all? Or if he just doesn’t want anything to do with me anymore? Thanks in advance ^-^

Okay! Time to break out the ol’ go-to relationship dynamic spread.

Card 1 = You + this relationship
Card 2 = Him + this relationship
Card 3 = General energy surrounding this situation
Card 4 = Advice for YOU

*shuffleshuffleshuffle* Aaaand…

Card 1: Page of Pentacles

The Page of Pentacles is representing your energy/attitude toward the two of you.

Your feelings toward this person and the prospect of a relationship with them have been on your mind for awhile now. You’ve possibly been planning to take some sort of action that you’ve hoped would spark something between the two of you. You’ve been smart and have not rushed in to any poorly thought-out plans, though! You have used common sense thinking as a foundation rather than intuitive gut feelings, perhaps. Overzealousness and over-attachment is a possibility, though. The Page of Pentacles just can’t say enough about messages delivered via “snail-mail”. Have you sent (or thought about sending) this person something in the mail, a card perhaps? Have you expressed your thoughts (or considered doing so) in a letter to this person?

Card 2: Ace of Swords

I had to research this a bit, because I was having a hard time applying the Ace of Swords to a person’s feelings about a relationship. But I get it now. This card is indicating that he has figured something out that he wasn’t aware of before. It might be something about you: if so, signs point to it having to do with reasons why things “wouldn’t work” between you as a couple. Assuming this is the case, he’s realized that you may require a little more of his time and energy than he’s able to give. This card is all about mental proccesses, and being an Ace, it suggests that there has been some major new energy ushered into this area of his life. If his recent realization isn’t about you in particular, it might be a more general realization that he’s not ready for a relationship. He doesn’t want to establish “roots” too deep because he may be thinking about moving.

Card 3: 5 of Swords

Okay – I noticed on your page that you’re a tarot person too. So you probably know about the FIVES. I know they say “there are no good or bad cards”, but come on. This is the “Lord of Defeat”. Philosophy born in pain, etc. But here’s an interesting little synchronicity – notice the last sentence I wrote on the previous card. The 5 of Swords sometimes will appear in a relationship reading warning you that someone you care about may be going away for a while, and warns against being too possessive. Also, just like the Ace of Swords, this card suggests something about being “disillusioned”. With the Ace, the person is realizing that they were seeing things in an unrealistic way and have shed those rose-colored glasses. With the 5 of Swords, all we get is a strong warning against looking at things with those glasses.

Card 4: Four of Cups

Advice to you: you’ve been so caught up in wishful thinking that you haven’t been noticing what’s going on around you— or WHO is around you. There are other opportunities for you in abundance, baby, but you’ve got to dry your eyes and start really seeing! Try to re-adjust your focus, because it’s getting a bit hazy. Notice the positives, rather than focusing on the negatives.
In summary, I’m going to say that it sounds like the prospects for a relationship with this person might not be so great. This reading isn’t one of those obvious flashing red warning signs that I get sometimes when doing relationship readings though. It may simply be the wrong time, and pushing it to happen now is NOT the way to make it happen. Give him the space he apparently is needing, and try your best to not overanalyze it (I know, way easier said than done). There’s definitely a strong message in here for you though, I believe, telling you to adjust your perspective. You must be in the position to receive in order to attract happiness and love into your life, you know? But if you’re holding out for things to go just the way you want them to with this person and not looking at anything else, you’re missing a ton of opportunities and wasting time, honestly.

I hope you found this helpful, sorry it didn’t come out super-positive. Let me know your thoughts on the reading… I love it when people message me after readings and tell me their story.



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